The Global Scavenger Hunt!

My daughter, Kate, and I are very excited to announce our acceptance to the 2015 Global Scavenger Hunt! Out of hundreds of applicants from up to 50 countries, we were chosen to participate in this experience of a lifetime!

The Global Scavenger Hunt takes 15 teams of two experienced travelers around the world, hitting 10 countries in 23 days. We will be completing challenges in each country that are worth points, with the goal of accumulating more points than the other contestants. The winners earn the title of “World’s Greatest Travelers”, a trophy, and a spot in next year’s contest to defend the title. We are very excited about this challenge!

One of the unique aspects of The Global Scavenger Hunt is the autonomy of the event. While we are in each country, we may not see the other contestants for days, because we choose which challenges we want to complete and we do them all alone. The goal for The Global Scavenger Hunt is to Trust Strangers in Strange Lands while on a Blind Date with the World. We have to be comfortable asking for help from locals and getting around in countries where the people do not speak our language. Exiting our comfort zone is a very exciting thing for us, and we cannot wait to meet many delightful people all over the world!

One of our favorite aspects of The Global Scavenger Hunt is the 501(c)(3) organization that is attached to it; in fact, the money from the Hunt goes to building co-ed schools in third world countries and the administration of micro loans! The organization has been able to build a school per year for the 11 years that the Hunt has been going on! Now that is impressive! We will have future blog posts with more details on this wonderful organization and how to donate to their noble cause. We will also be looking for sponsors, with 100% of the money that we receive going straight to the Non-Profit, and we will outline that later as well. In the meantime, please go to the link below to learn more about the 501(c)(3)!

We will  be blogging as we prepare for this challenge and while we are on it! We cannot wait to see how this adventure changes us as we further mold ourselves and develop our world view through these experiences! We invite you to come along with us as we explore the world and get to know the wonderful people in it!

Here is the link to The Global Scavenger Hunt website, with details of the event and the 501(c)(3). Take a look!