An Update on Our Savvy Life Adventure

Life holds many adventures, doesn’t it? It is a labyrinth of twists and turns, and you never know what is around the corner. For us, this has been a trying year. You might say that life has been pleased to knock us around in quite an unkind manner. My Nana, Tamyra’s Mom, passed away in our home after a battle with Cholangiocarcinoma, and directly after that my Niece, the light of our life, was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of two years.

As always when we are on an adventure, we have expanded our base of knowledge.

We have obtained an enhanced understanding that life is beautiful in the deepest of valleys as well as on the mountaintops, and that, while you will not always see the vast glory of life in these valleys, when you are stooped over with the heavy weight of suffering, you will more clearly see the minute, beautiful, flora-and-fauna aspects of existence here on this crazy earth.

Because of this, we have come to be more thankful.

We are surprisingly nonsurprised at how people will surprise you, and that some who should support you with vigor will betray you most vilely. We have also learned that the kindness of strangers is to be treasured more than we thought, and that a smile in an elevator really is, sometimes, of greater worth than the best of material goods. So, remember to smile, even when you don’t feel like it. It costs you nothing, but could be riches to another.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel all of our expected trips this year, so our readers must wait until a future date to read about our adventures in Cuba, and other places. As the Bible says, “to everything there is a season”, and this season has literally seasoned us in a different type of adventure.

We want to sincerely and vigorously thank our wonderful friends for the outpour of support and love that you have heaped upon our heads. We treasure each and every one of you, and you are never far from our minds. The richness of life truly lies in the strength of friendship, and, in that regard, we are wealthy beyond measure.