When to Bare and What to Wear

When we travel, we all face the questions of what to wear, how much should I take, which shoes, what’s the temperature going to be…
It seems that many Americans think that a sweatsuit is suitable everywhere. I remember the days when people dressed up to fly anywhere! In those days, we also wore gloves to church, but today, gloves aside, we could all use help when packing for a trip, and I found this very useful article in Conde Nast Traveler and want to share it. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

“What makes an Ugly American ugly? Is it the timbre of our voices? Or the way we travel in herds? Or is it (as we suspect) our love of sweatpants, baseball caps, and yes, fanny packs, no matter the occasion or place? While it can sometimes seem that the world has fallen victim to a sort of sartorial globalization, where jeans are welcome anytime, anywhere, the truth is-of course-more nuanced. What works in surprisingly laid-back Singapore will be greeted with looks of horror on the streets (or in the boardrooms) of Paris. And ladies, while you can (and should) pile on the gold and jewels in Greece, quirky and stripped-down is the way to go in Germany. So here are the rules on looking not just appropriate but actually stylish around the globe, whether you’re in a meeting, At a party:, or just walking outdoors. Plus: Tips on how to wear a head scarf, what to pack for safari, and how to play European for a day. Ugly American? Fuhgeddaboudit.” *1

1- “Etiquette 101: Dress Codes” Conde Nast Traveler article October 2009

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