Client Profile- Whom Do I Serve?

While I was reviewing my client base, and organizing files, I was encouraged to put together a couple of Client Profile Personas.

As a Vacation Consultant who offers a high level of customer service, I have two main personas that I cater to.


The first is middle-aged, wealthy, and married or in a serious relationship. This client usually likes to repeat their favorite vacation experience, such as a high-end all-inclusive, a luxury spa, an upscale cruise, or a European Vacation.



The second prominent group I serve is honeymooners, and romantic couples, young to middle-aged. They tend to prefer beach destinations, with lots of options for fun and activities such as zip-lining and scuba diving. They also appreciate good food and pampering.

The reasons to travel really are endless, and whatever your reasons are, I would love the opportunity to offer you Savvy Service and Advice!

Tamyra Nash
My Savvy Vacation

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