My Trip to Table Mountain and The Cape of Good Hope

I’ve been back a whole month, but my spirit is still soaring from my South Africa Adventure! I am so in love with that place…
March 26th found my friends and me headed to Table Mountain, and what a day that was! The weather could not have been better as Craig, our guide and friend told us, there are about 5 really clear days like we experienced, and it was truly divine! The ride up the mountain was an adventure in itself, aboard the cable cars with the rotating floors- 360% views and an amazing feat to mankind.
The cable car project was first put into action in 1913 or round about, and because of war and other man made¬† problems, was put off until it was resuscitated in 1929! Since then, over 16 million people have taken the ride to the top of this Majestic Mountain to inhale the Beauty of the scenery and the moment. I cannot say it better than the pictures we took, so…

Scenes from the top!

Guess who else has experienced this?
“Illustrious visitors include British royalty King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II as well as Prince Andrew. Oprah Winfrey, Sting, Stefi Graf, Arnold Schwarzenneger,¬† Margaret Thatcher” … and many more!

You should really experience this for yourself. It is AWESOME!!!

We then traveled down the coast to the Cape of Good Hope- the day was perfect in every way- beautiful weather, good friends, no worries, as we were totally enjoying the day.

The drive down the coast is absolutely stunning!

Our group at The Cape of Good Hope

Looking over the vast amount of water, seeing where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the Indian Ocean is pretty potent stuff… Take your family, take your friends… your life will never be the same… only Better!

Tamyra Nash
My Savvy Vacation
South Africa Fundi Specialist

Let’s make this happen for you!

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