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I was talking with a friend of mine, and she asked me how I compete with the big online travel sites and internet travel? I think she was playing the “Devil’s Advocate” because she used to book her travel there too, but is now a loyal client of My Savvy Vacation! This is one of my favorite questions, and easy to answer. I would like to compare internet travel to a travel pro.


When somebody goes to the internet for vacation ideas, they will find a world of information, with thousands of options. People who use internet travel will find that prices are usually very reasonable and the booking process is pretty easy. However, it can take hours wading through all of that information, often leaving the shopper with an uneasy feeling, and there is not a warm body to talk with who will offer objective, professional advice. If you contact the call centers of the big sites, the people who answer the phones are not travel professionals, but are merely there to answer very basic questions, and they are usually located on the other side of the world. If you call the vendors directly, the phone personnel may have some travel knowledge, but they are being paid by that vendor, so the opinions offered may not be very objective.

When shopping on the internet, images of and information about destinations, resorts, and hotels may or may not be accurate, and many people have been sorely disappointed when, upon their arrival to what they thought was going to be the perfect vacation spot, they discover too late that they were mislead.


As an independent agent, not tied to any one supplier, I offer objective advice to my clients, focusing on what they truly want rather than trying to sell them on any one destination or resort. I am also a world traveler and I bring first hand knowledge of the places I sell to the discussion. I do the research for my clients, saving them hours of frustration and confusion, and I handle all of the details, such as travel protection, excursions, reservations, transfers, etc.

I am available before, during and after their vacation, giving my client peace of mind and a feeling of security. Another important point is that I can usually get the same prices as the internet offers, and I utilize the internet for much of what I do, but with my training, experience and first-hand knowledge, I know how to use it to my client’s advantage, making him a winner!


I think internet travel is a great resource, and many people are very well traveled and like doing it themselves. It is also a great place to do some preliminary searching, but when it comes to your precious time away, why not trust a professional who is there for you, making sure your vacation is everything you want it to be!

Tamyra Nash
My Savvy Vacation

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