Is Your Vacation “Weather-Proof”?

People travel 365 days a year, and that may mean traveling through really bad weather. Sometimes it is during the holidays to destinations with a lot of snow and ice. Sometimes it is during a particular destination’s off-season, to take advantage of the great prices that can often be found.

Whatever the reason, here are some Savvy ideas to help you protect your vacation, if you find yourself delayed or stranded because of inclement weather.

Buy travel insurance! I stress this to all of my clients, because the little amount that is costs is well worth it if you need to file a claim. There are several levels of protection, and even the basic will cover delays, and lost or damaged baggage. For covered reasons, you can potentially get a full reimbursement of the cost of your trip.

Be a smart packer. In your carry on, have a change of clothing, toiletries, reading materials, snacks, and a sweater. Make sure to follow the carry-on restrictions of the airlines.

Don’t forget to have all the necessary numbers in your phone, such as your travel agent,  the airline, hotel, and even reservation numbers and perhaps passport numbers. I especially stress having your travel agent information, because they can often assist you from where they are much easier than you can assist yourself. They also have access to resources that you do not.

Here is a great resource-
This website has so much information on current weather in a multitude of areas, as well as weather history and a trip planner.  You can track the weather of your destination and book according to the findings.

Don’t forget that evening flights are canceled more than morning flights. Though morning flights can be delayed, they will usually be pushed through later in the day, when the weather lets up.

Remember to check with your hotel to find out their policy on extending your stay if necessary, and also check with the airline if you are delayed, as they will sometimes offer vouchers for restaurants and hotels, especially if it is an airline issue.

Here is a link to a really helpful article I found in Travel & Leisure

It has some of this information and more, to help you “weather-proof” your vacation.

I hope this will help you to be a Savvy Traveler!

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