Malaysia-Global Scavenger Hunt!

We had a brief, 4 hour layover here, so Mom and I took off with another team, called “Birds and Buns” (funny back story to that), to go out and see what we could. We were commissioned 3 scavenges: Visit a mosque, eat some local cuisine, and ask for the translation of ┬áthe phrase “Sedikit-Sedikit, Lama-lama Menjodibukit” (which means “A penny saved is a penny earned”).


We took the train out to the cab station and then on to Putrajaya. Interestingly enough, Putrajaya is taking over the administrative functions of the capitol city Kuala Lumpur, according to our cab driver. They have a lot of the offices of the heads of state there already, as well as the latest technology and modern infrastructure, so it really does make sense. In this place there are 50% Malaysian people, 20% Indian and 20% Chinese, with 10% everything else. This is a Muslim country with some Hindu, Budhist and Christian influences.

We went to the Mosque in Putrajaya and walked around and took pictures. The mosques are very lavish with a lot of tile work and marble. The people are very friendly inside and very welcoming to other peoples who want to learn about their religion and culture. My favorite part of any mosque is the feeling of the marble on my bare feet; no matter how hot it is in the air, the marble inside is always cool and smooth, and very peaceful. The money, time and talent that they pour into the mosques is absolutely mind blowing. Every single detail is carefully attended to and the lattice work and stone work and glass work is spectacular.

DSC01202DSC01218 DSC01216

Fortunately for us there was an area with a lot of food vendors near by so we walked there and grabbed some chicken rice to go and ate it in the cab. Chicken rice is basically rice with some soup and spicy sauce on it, and then of course the chicken. When you order it the chicken is roasted in one peice and then they just kind of grab it up and chop bits off, bone an all, into small peices and slap it into your rice. The result is quite delightful, but you of course have to watch for the bones. We really enjoyed our chicken rice!

After that is was on to the airport and off again on our continued journey to Abu Dhabi!!

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