What Does It Take To Be a Travel Agent?

As I head into my fifth year working in the travel industry, I have been visiting my goals, studying my successful growth and reflecting on the question, “What does it take to be a Travel Agent?” First of all, I consider myself a “Professional Vacation Consultant” rather than a “Travel Agent”. To me, the word “agent” implies loyalty to a certain company or supplier, and not necessarily to the client. The word “consultant” implies a source of knowledge and expertise, whose focus is on the client and not a particular company or supplier. A large part of the value I bring is that I am an independent agent, and not tied to any one supplier, which allows me to offer objective advice to my clients with multiple options from several sources. Since I receive promotions and specials from many vendors, I can pass these on to my clients and help them determine the best options for their vacations. Of course, after dealing with multiple suppliers for these five years, I know which of those I can trust to deliver consistent quality and excellence, and I am always on the lookout for new, trusted partners. I understand the importance of education, and I attend expos, seminars and preferred vendor trainings on a regular basis. I also participate in Travel Agent University, CLIA, Travel Agent Academy and many visitor bureau trainings, and continually earn certificates in various destinations and products. The power of first hand knowledge cannot be overlooked, and I am an avid world traveler, having visited most of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Mediterranean, China and I am headed to South Africa in March! This gives me intimate knowledge of the destinations and products I sell, so I can better serve my clients.

As a professional in the travel industry, I have an infrastructure of support from agencies, suppliers and vendors with a variety of resources available to me that are not available to the public. Many vendors and cruise lines prefer to work with a professional who represents the guest, rather than directly with the guest, as it streamlines the planning and booking process of the vacation. I offer my clients personalized service, focusing on them and not the products I sell to them, to ensure a perfect fit. I handle all the details, including extras, like vacation protection insurance, transfers, best places to eat and dinner reservations, as well as sightseeing options and excursions. I educate my clients regarding required documentation, vaccinations, and exchange rates. A new touch is that I now supply each client with a document holder, embossed with my company name, for their papers, money, passports, etc. The most valuable thing that I offer each and every client is the care and concern with which I manage each vacation entrusted to me. I absolutely love helping people travel!

If you are interested in the personal service of a Professional Vacation Consultant, please email me, and we will get started on your dream vacation.

Tamyra Nash
Professional Vacation Consultant
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