Helping Strangers in Strange Lands

As we stated in our previous blog, we are very excited to announce that we have been accepted as one of 15 teams that will be participating in the 2015 Global Scavenger Hunt! Please check out this awesome adventure at This Hunt is called a “Blind Date with the World” and will send us on a circumnavigational adventure in search of experiences, going to at least 10 countries in 23 days! It is a contest, with each experience counting for a certain number of points; whichever team has the most points at the end of the 23-day experience will be crowned the “World’s Greatest Travelers!”

Although we are funding ourselves for the actual Hunt, we are also working in conjunction with the Global Scavenger Hunt, raising funds for the associated 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization called the GreatEscape Foundation. With the motto Helping Strangers in Strange Lands, this incredible organization has a passion for fighting against poverty and bettering our world. So far, they have:

  • Built 10 co-ed schools in Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, India and Kenya
  • Built 1 secondary all girls school in Kenya
  • Funded and built a nurses training facility in Niger (Opened in 2012)
  • Opened a Medical Clinic in Niger
  • Funded scores of micro-loans for budding entrepreneurs stuck in the poverty trap

They have also given funds to many organizations including Free the Children and Doctors Without Borders, along with dozens more.

The beautiful thing about travel is the ability to see how other people live.  There is so much need in this world that most of us never see. Donating money, food or clothing to be distributed in a third world country is a temporary fix, but teaching people how to make money to take care of themselves has a lasting impact. Education is the front line attack in the fight against poverty and starvation, and that is one of the main focuses of the GreatEscape Foundation.

If you would like to help us fight for humanity, please consider making a tax deductible donation to our organization. To this end, we are holding a Travel-A-Thon that will follow our 40,000 kilometer journey around the world. If you would consider sponsoring us ($0.004/km = $40, $0.04/km = $400, $0.4/km = $4000), or giving whatever other amount that you can, know that you are helping with something which will resonate to thousands of people for generations to come. Contact Tamyra at to make a donation!

We will be blogging through our experience here, and we would love for you to join us on our journey! Lets make an impact on this beautiful, wonderful, harsh, imbalanced world that we live in! Join us in the fight!

Peace, Love and Understanding!

Tamyra and Kate

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